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The waiting is the hardest part - BIG NEWS and lots of it!

Tom Petty probably said it best. Dave, John and Adam are keeping busy during this pause in our lives.

NEW RELEASE on Soundcloud and video premieres on You Tube in less than 2 days. ToneKats guitarist and vocalist and co-bandleader Dave Bull has a new release coming out May 15th on Soundcloud and through a premiere on You Tube (see Dave Bull Music page.The band has had to see tens of gigs cancelled at the Merchant and Raxx due to Covid-19. We look forward to returning and we have all reinvented ourselves to continue to provide you with a taste of what we are all missing.FACEBOOK LIVE THIS SATURDAY AT 7pm! More news... on Saturday May 16th at 7 pm Dave Bull with JP rayne will be playing an all original performance on facebook live for Loving Hands (a Kingston-based food charity).

Drummer Adam was on Global TV

iThe ToneKats drummer and The Band Voyager's guitarist/bassist and singer/ rapper and bandleader Adam Chartrand releases new material every day from his studio. The Band Voyager visited Global news and were interviewed by local media star Bill Welychka. They call themselves experimental hip hop fusion This trio live together and produce high quality music to thousands of followers playing original music in many videos, on You Tube, instagram and facebook.

ToneKats Group Page is at 525 and growing quickly

Meanwhile the ToneKats group page is over 525 subscribers and content is being produced daily from the vault and live events sometimes with Dave Bull on his new @davebullrocks (Dave Bull Music ) page on facebook. The ToneKats group page and the TONEKATS band pages are both active with content - The ToneKats have one of the most extensive video vaults of live concerts of any band in Ontario with a huge variety from rock to country of covers and some originals.

ON the various social media platforms (Soundcloud (, Reverb nation, Instagram (band page and Dave (the-Tonekat) page, You tube (TONEKATS and recently guitarist, vocalist Dave Bull's personal studio page Stay-in-Track).

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