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The ToneKats 2023 Concert Schedule

The ToneKats are back doing SHOWS , The sound is full with some new songs, a new sound, and new gigs! If you have been to any of our recent shows at the Toucan, you know that the vibe and the sound there is excellent. With master soundman Geoff Chown (di sound for The Glorious Sons) we have been spoiled. Everybody has been singing along word for word and showing their love. We haven't seen that vibe since March of 2020 back in the Merchant days which we fondly remember. But fear not, if you want to hang out with fellow Kats, we have a surprising number of gigs booked so early in the year. SHOWS tab at is where you can find us. We have dates to the end of October. You can even spend Hallowe'en with us. So be sure to check out our SHOWS page and our events through the amazing Kingston Live! and Facebook events. We also have a page on instagram and YouTube and the new tunes are showing up on these platforms along with new fans. Our Facebook group page has now surpassed 700!


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