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ToneKats Rock Band
The ToneKats are...
Dave Bull : Vocals, Guitars, harmonica
John  Sedgwick : Vocals, Bass
Simon David Handley - Drums 


The ToneKats live!
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Dave Bull - Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica - Originally from Toronto, Dave has been in the Kingston music scene since 1983 and is a well known rock guitarist/singer, Best known for his portrayal of Buddy Holly in the band "Buddy Holly Live!" (1999-2019), Dave's ability to channel original artists and learn their songs note for note combines well with his dynamic rock guitar solos, He has an experienced ear and vocal range and plays harmonica, slide guitar and even piano, 

John Sedgwick - Bass, Vocals - Also from Toronto, John led his band The Beautiful Losers to tours alongside Blue Rodeo, Slik Toxic, Modern English, Jeff Healey, Joan Osborne, and Mountain. John is a formidable writer and bassist with a distinct low but powerful tenor voice. John was a staple in the Toronto rock scene in the 1990s and has co-led the ToneKats with Dave Bull since 2007.

Simon David Hanley -  Drums - After 18 years of touring North America he settled in Kingston, "the last bastion of live music in Canada" as he puts it. He toured Canada, the U.S., and Mexico. Simon started in pro bands at age 10. Most recently with Funky Frenz, Mauricio Montecinos, and the Latin Beat and now the ToneKats, Simon is an award-winning drummer who when not rockin", loves funk, jazz, soul, hip hop, electronic and afrobeat grooves. Simon has also has deep roots as a multi-instrumentalist. A regular in the Kingston music scene, Simon plays with passion and energy. His skill and love of rock add so much to the "ToneKat Style". 

Dave Bull - Les Paul action shot
John Sedgwick - Bass, Vocals
ToneKats Dec 2022 band
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