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The ToneKats are a sound that took almost ten years to create and develop. Dave Bull and John Sedgwick both started. together in June of 2007. We love playing live and we had taken a hiatus a year before to give our former drummer time to heal from a serious accident. Unfortunately, during that time the keyboard player decided he wanted to get back to his business, so we said adieu to Junior (Chris) and Cousin Paul. We had lots of fun since the days when the band was formed with Scott Evans on drums and Clint Hierlihy on bass in 2003. John Sedgwick joined in June 2007 and he and Dave BUll form the backbone of the ToneKats.


But 2016 provided an unexpected resurgence. While at the Kingston Ontario Music Conference,Dave Bull while playing bass in the Bon Evans Band, heard this young Mexican drummer who impressed him. Vidal Ortiz-Rangel was then offered a spot with the new ToneKats and the trio was reborn. All of the recordings on the Live album are played with the current trio.


Reaction has been swift and favourable and the ToneKats are back on the scene complete with nearly a decade of Bull-Sedgwick performance and writings. These songs are captivating, full of heartbreak, but also redemption, catharsis and joy!  You can feel the electricity in the room every time the ToneKats take the stage. They know there is a new generation and they want to help their fellow bands and also lead by example.

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