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Busy Year ahead for the Kats!

Keep your eyes peeled on our SHOWS page and for events we put out on Facebook and by all means let us know if you can make it. Likes are appreciated, comments are of course, the best way to let us know what's on your mind.

We're back at the Toucan on Saturday, January 13th - 10:30 pm show time. Downtown in the heart of rock n roll territory. Speaking of rock n roll. Have you heard our new Kat on the Kit (Kit Kat)..... drum rolll.... Martin Bracken-Laforest. We are thrilled at how well our styles fit together into one. We can't wait to see you with a new approach and some new songs from the 90s to make sure we cover all the bases to keep you dancing and make you feel the excitement. Martin played 5 years for Canada's premiere Tragically Hip tribute band "Road Apples", making him more than qualified to fill the trio out. And from fan reactions, he's purr-fect for The ToneKats! Welcome to the Kit Kat! Photo By James McColl (Toucan Nov 2023). 2024 is shaping up to be Fabulous


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