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Big Changes: The New ToneKats in 2024 !

Every band reaches a point where they know it's time to make wholesale changes to their repertoire. With 2024 comes a new brand of rock n roll, and John, Dave and Martin are changing the ToneKats sound.

We're adding songs that we think fit the Zeitgeist of 2024. Songs like The Middle (Jimmy Eat World, Small Things (Blink-182), Lyin' Eyes (the Eagles), Right Here, Right Now (Jesus Jones), Two Princes (The Spin Doctors), Beer Never Broke My Heart (Luke Combs), Semi-Charmed Life (Third Eye Blind), A Girl Like You (The Smithereens), Teenage Dirtbag (Ruston Kelly), Drive (Incubus), Before he Cheats (Carrie Underwood), Creep (Radiohead), What's Up (4 non-Blondes), Closer to the Heart (Rush), Sedated (The Ramones). We'll keep looking for songs that suit our audiences changing tastes in music and playing them like it was the last time we'll ever have the privilege. So come and see a spectacular phenomenon developing. The ToneKats are what 2024 is all about. Live rock and country played with incredible feeling and respect for our audiences. Thank you! The Band's LIVE SHOWS are here We are usually booked ahead by 10-12 months, so if it's not here, you won't see us anywhere! Quality, not quantity. Strap in!


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