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Fall with the ToneKats

As we check in - We hope everyone had a great summer concert and cottage season. The Kats played in cottage country but we're ready to get back to the fall-winter bar scene gigs! We know someone who went swimming 40 times this summer! On the cool news front the tonekats dates are always found on our SHOWS page. We;ll be at the Toucan Saturday, Sept 23rd. Then we 'll play at Raxx October 14th, then on the 23rd of October the old ToneKats will do a reunion show with Jay Smith , Dave Bull, John Sedgwick and Mick Shrimpton on drums at the Buckle, followed by a gig in Napanee at the Waterfront Pub, a real trick or treat on Oct 28th! then November the 18th its back to the Toucan for more rock n roll dancing and sing alongs! Here's a little something from Ribfest to keep you up to date. We'll post more in the TONEKATS band facebook page and the ToneKats group.


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