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Upcoming shows in Downtown Kingston!

Prior to March of 2020, every month you would see the ToneKats at the Merchant or RaXX. Then the pandemic hit and we played very few shows, mostly all private events over the past 3 years. So it's a bit of a big deal for The ToneKats to get back in front of downtown Kingston crowds. We'll be playing the Toucan (10:30 pm-2 am) Fri. Nov 25th and Tir Nan Og (9pm-midnight) Sat. Feb 25,2023. We're planning on doing just a few shows until the spring/summer festival season, so be sure to make plans with friends and expect to see people you know, or meet some cool new ones. Y'all have something in common, you like music meant for dancing to! Bring a friend, or two (make sure someone is the DD) and get ready to rock like the glory days! ToneKats will serve up a combination of your favourite tunes from Tom Petty, The Tragically Hip, , Guns n Roses, CCR, REM, 5440, Weezer, Billy Idol, David Bowie, Metallica, some country and more. The band takes requests and has a deep repertoire! The ToneKats are one of Kingston's most dependable hard drivin', sweet playin' rock n roll acts over the past 20 years, Come and do some serious rockin' out!@


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