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It's the start of another new decade!

First, we'd like to begin by thanking all of our family, friends and fans for your unwavering support. We see you at many shows, we hear from you on our 2 facebook pages (the band page and the group page), We see all your posts on Instagram (#the tonekat and #The Tonekats).

And we enjoy following bands and seeing them perform live. There are some amazing talents in our town and we've seen some great bands in this city. We all would like the world better if we support all live music and go to more shows. It's that easy.

Our hope is more folks will trade in screen time with hang out with humans you really like time, then close your eyes, dance freely and soak in the music and the passion it is played with.

We are already busy until September in 2020 (check out SHOWS) on this website for details. Adam is singing more and has become a vital member of the band. John and Dave have been together since 2006 (the ToneKats were formed 2003 as a rockabilly band that soon morphed into a rock band and now has a repertoire that includes 20% country and lots of great tunes from every decade with plenty of new material).

We play with an old school style - very in your face rock with tastes of all of the classic rock bands and loads of newer classics. We play a lot of Tragically Hip, CCR, Weezer, Tom Petty and an assortment of everything from David Bowie to Eric Church and even Carrie Underwood.

We play everything you want to hear and we even know what that is because we have listened to requests which we encourage for the past dozen years.

The members of the band appreciate you connecting with us through this blog. The ToneKats blog has now been going on monthly since 2016). It is the place where you get first hand news and the most detailed information. We'd also like to thank all of you who joined our ToneKats facebook group which has doubled from 200 to 400 in the last 3 months. We only want to send out concert event invites/notices to people who are interested.

So when you go out just know how much we care about delivering real good solid rock n roll that makes you jump with excitement and feel the joy music brings when it is played with passion and care. See you in 2020. The best is yet to come.

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