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ToneKats News - new poster!

You might have noticed our graphics changing more lately From Motorhead to Star Trek to this)! Well here is the first new promo photo with Adam in it. Let us know what you think! Join the facebook ToneKats group page and we'll give you access to more music, merch, posters, downloads, pics, news, and upcoming events and highlights.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us last night at the Merchant. The sound was amazing (Great job Wade! - that was a rock show firing on all cylinders last night - Wow! The ToneKats will be sharing some footage soon. Fun night! Great venue! John's fabulous new early Fender Jazz bass sounded in fine form (Note: in the cartoon he is playing a blue Rickenbacker). Thanks to Sasha Hill for the original portrait (which was great, all toon but it had Graham in it. We love Graham and he's playing with us Oct 26 (Merchant) and as a relief drummer when he can (so still great buds and part of the band) but he works away from town so Adam does the day to day drumming and is a YUGE part of the ToneKats sound adding strong vocals for lead an backing parts to compliment John and Dave's unpolished rough n ready rock voices.

The Toon Kats  (The ToneKats cartoon 2019)

Oct 4th (Friday) ROCKtober in support of the United Way at the Blu Martini - 178 Ontario St Show starts at 9:45 with Eighties Enuff and ToneKats at 11:15 - 1:00am

We return to the Merchant Saturday, Oct 12th (10 pm start)- please join us. Some of the recent requests the band played included Stray Cat Strut (Stray Cats) I'm Eighteen (Alice Cooper), Hasn't Hit Me Yet (Blue Rodeo), Green River (CCR), Blow at High Dough, Grace, Too and Poets (The Hip) and Mama (Glorious Sons) , Use Somebody (Kings of Leon), Weezer and some country rock (including Garth Brooks, Blake Shelton, Eric Church, David Lee Murphy).

We're always looking to play new music so keep those requests and suggestions coming. We depend on a wide range of opinions to choose to learn the best tunes we can to keep it fun all night long, song after song. We work hard on our execution for you the listener, the person who staying or coming to see us. We care that you have an uplifting experience, we care that its exciting, dynamic and melodic in a live setting with real people feeling it. That is the rock n roll vibe The ToneKats try to bring to the venue each and every time we share our music with our audiences..

The incredible human energy that gets created when the band and the audience have become best of friends without any words being exchanged. It's that "F@*k Ya! moment when the music, the players, the listeners, the dancers and the singers are all sharing the same reality, the same moments! That is the point, that's why we do it, that's why it's so important to us despite not needing to be! That's also why we so appreciate feedback and your support on line and at gigs. Video and photo contributions are welcome to our facebook fan page and using tags and hastags helps us get your content to other interested fans and friends who like to share videos, experiences, photos, Thanks everyone for getting this far. I hope it was worth it. it was worth explaining what the ToneKats are all about... and tone is a large part! Thanks for the support. See ya soon! If ya want Tshirts or CDs come see us at a gig or send us a facebook message. All social media and soundcloud, reverb nation, instagram, twitter and facebook links on the right upper corner of the main page.

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