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ToneKats add new tunes!

ToneKats are on a month break and are back on Aug 25th in Westport), as well as The Merchant), The Island Star) and Kingston Ribfest . UPCOMING SHOWS

What's cool are three things. One - Graham has admitted and has the recording to prove it! He was the drummer for Chilly Gonzalez when he was 16 (look him up WOW!).

Two - John bought a new bass (Northern Precision). John toured with Blue Rodeo, Jef Healey, Mountain, Slik Toxic, Modern English, Joan Osborne and more as the Beautiful Losers in Toronto.

Three - Dave got a new pedal (FREQOut) which is an expression pedal.that revolutionizes guitar tone. He has upped his game and redefined his style of late and is worth checking out!

and also.....The Kats are trying out some new tunes: (see below)

  • Diggin a Hole - Big Sugar

  • Come and Get Your Love - Redbone

  • Are you gonna be my Gal? Jet

  • Drink in my hand - Eric Church

  • Last Night - The Strokes

  • Mama - Glorious Sons

  • Hey Ya - Andre 3000 (OutKast)

  • Dust on the Bottle - David Lee Murphy

  • Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin

  • Hash Pipe - Weezer

  • Hey Jealousy - Gin Blossoms

  • Sedated and Blitzkrieg Bop - The Ramones

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