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And then there was Four!

The ToneKats have invited John Gamache (far left) to join the band when we play at Raxx. John plays a clean single coil Tele style using his magic fingers. This is an excellent fit for Dave's SG and Les Paul crunchy sound and the two of them allow John Sedgwick (far right) and Dave Bull (white shirt) to front the band with two solid players on side. John Gamache adds dimension and a clean lead style that adds fullness and variety to the ToneKats repertoire. John is a natural and he also has a vast repertoire from Metallica to Neil Diamond to new country, blue rodeo and all the songs the ToneKats are known for! doing off the floor for requests and crowd pleasers. Update: May 2017 Welcome Graham Ketcheson (2nd to the left) on drums!


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