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The ToneKats - Full 2.5 hr Concert!

Pick your tune (times below) or lay back and crank it and invite a bar band into your home!

Ah! The benefits of checking out a page on the ToneKats website where I can see the unlisted video (with full list and times of each song).An entire concert of 31 songs at Raxx in Kingston, Sets 1, 2 and 3 without breaks, two and a half hours of being with the band like you were there..

The video shows Dan Killen (formerly of ToneKats and Ambush) holding down the beat. Vidal was in Mexico, so Dan graciously filled in. This video is unlisted, so you get this as a perk for checking in on us at ToneKat central!

ToneKats are... Dave Bull (Vocals, guitar), John Sedgwick (Vocals, Bass), Dan Killen (Drums) July 8, 2017 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada at Raxx Bar & Grill (Sound by Troy)

Set 1

1. at 0:00 Suzie Q - Bayou (CCR)

2. at 4:02 Nice to Love you (5440)

3. at 8:24 The One I Love (REM)

4. at 12:34 All Summer Long (Kid Rock)

5. at 16:43 Lonely Boy (The Black Keys)

6. at 19:45 Big Me (Foo Fighters)

7. at 22:50 Sangria (Blake Shelton)

8. at 27:05 It hasn't hit me yet (Blue Rodeo)

9. at 34:15 Three a.m. (Matchbox 20)

10. at 38:47 I Go Blind (5440)

11. at 43:15 Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)

12. at 48:38 Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie)

Set Two

1. at 52:28 Fortunate Son (CCR)

2. at 55:11 Poets (The Tragically Hip)

3. at 59:38 Don't Fear the Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult)

4. at 1:02:27 Jenny, Jenny (Tommy TuTone)

5. at 1:07:15 Summer of '69 (Bryan Adams)

6. at 1:11:00 I Will Survive (Cake version/ Gloria Gaynor)

7. at 1:16:05 What I like about You (The Romantics)

8. at 1:19:35 Play That Funky Music (Wild Cherry)

9. at 1:22:45 New Orleans is Sinking (The Tragically Hip)

10. at 1:26:55 I Feel So Close (Calvin Harris)

11. at 1:30:40 Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison)

12. at 1:33:30 I Want it That Way (The Backstreet Boys)

13. at 1:36:40 Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes)

14. at 1:41:05 Sweet Child of Mine (Guns n' Roses)

Third Set

1. at 1:47:05 Mary Jane's Last Dance (Tom Petty)

2. at 1:52:15 White Wedding (Billy Idol)

3. at 1:58:30 Enter Sandman (Metallica)

4. at 2:03:30 Blow at High Dough (The Tragically Hip)

5. at 2:08:34 I Wanna Rock n' Roll All Night (Kiss)

6. at 2:11:45 Lost Together (Blue Rodeo)

7. at 2:16:35 Have You Ever Seen The Rain (CCR)

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