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ToneKats get high marks for energy!

The ToneKats have been around since 2007. Some high profile members have passed through including Smitty, Tommy Vancoughnett (Ambush), Dan Killen (Ambush), Paul Koktan and one of the constants is the quality of the music, the audience appeal and their ability to take crowds all the way up! Some notable quotes...

"The Band's impeccable" Kathleen Hay, Cornwall Freeholder, Cornwall, ON

"When I listen to the Tonekats I'm amazed I can be having so much fun with all my clothes on". Empress Red, M3Radio, New York City, New York

With former Tragically Hip and Mick Ronson soundman, Trevor Johnson they are a power trio to be reckoned with in the same vein as Ambush, The Stares, The Trevor Walsh Band, Blue Rodeo, 54-40, The Glorious Sons and the Tragically Hip.

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