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ToneKats bring on the rock!

It's not what it was. The bar scene is very different from the pre-pandemic days, but that's OK. You'll find the ToneKats on private stages, at festivals, conventions, events, campgrounds, at weddings and maybe the odd public gig. We are ok with that! We had a great time at the Corvette Invasion in KIngston and we were the first band in the St. Lawrence College gym (17000 sq ft). Great crowd, great Corvettes! It means better stages, better lights, more thunder, more excitement and a chance for us to throw in some of our original music and new rock n roll songs and ideas. We've been busy getting better. So if you happen so see us, we think you will really enjoy the sound we've created over the years and the tightness that comes with playing together and apart! Be sure you join our facebook ToneKats group and we'll keep uploading gigs, even if they were ones you couldn;t attend! Stay in Touch! through Thanks to Trevor & Anita Johnson for sound and lights at our last two shows.


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