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Life Goes on but it's a slower pace

The ToneKats are enjoying our time off. We are realistic. We know that our brand of rock n roll is something best shared with large crowds of enthusiastic fans. We are patient. We want what is best for those of us who have supported us over the years like The Merchant Tap House and RaXX and many other festivals and events we do year after year. We will keep you informed - our promise to you!

We have had 80% of our gigs cancelled (we got in 10 before the pandemic). WE want to keep providing you content on our growing facebook group page (now over 550 members) . We also sneak some videos on our main facebook page. in case you want more. If you go to the main page here you can connect with us while we await our return ( and it will rock, trust us!!!) with links to Facebook, Instagram (band and Dave Bull), ToneKats You Tube ( over 150 videos and growing), Soundcloud, Reverb Nation (both studio audio sound tracks).

Remember, WE care about quality and tone and the songs. WE won't wank you out with a lot of jamming schlock, we play ACTUAL SONGS you know with passion and integrity for the original artists. But we also are exploring our originals. So we don't know if we will be doing any facebook live performances because we are all about LIVE MUSIC. But Adam, our drummer is proiducing a lot of music for his band Voyager and Dave, our guitarist has been playing a lot of solo stuff on Dave Bull Music (@davebullrocks) as well as with Bon Evans, facebook live every Saturday and every second Friday. So there's lots going on. For now, enjoy your summer and we will keep posting content. But it's up to you to crank it!!!!!!!!!!

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