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July in ToneKatville - Summer News!

Canada Day was a blast with the ToneKats playing for the fireworks in Bath and accompanying special guests Bon Evans (far left) and rapper Cory Ede (ball cap) and up and coming sensation Alexa Goldie (Centre in red). CHECK OUT SHOWS - The ToneKats are expanding their repertoire - with new original artists and all your new and classic rock faves for a BIG BANG for the BUCK!

The crew out for Canada Day including Tamara Bolger (beside Bon), Niviana (left of Cory and Trevor Johnson, soundman extraodinaire and co-owner of Roswell Rehearsal Studios (far right).

News - Only those who subscribe to this blog will know this in advance! Alexa (July 14th) and Bon and Cory (Aug 26th or Aug 31st ) will be making a special appearance with the ToneKats at the Merchant !

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