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Raxx: Last gig until September!

The ToneKats will take the stage at Raxx this Saturday, their last performance of the summer before they head into the studio for a CD and a video.

The video is set to be based upon the ToneKats single "the King of Rock n' Roll". , the story of "Anna", a woman who dearly loved Elvis and believed that she could have saved him. from himself. In the song.. Anna pictures herself being spotted by The King in his limo and asked if she needs a ride, She accepts and so begins the relationship of her dreams with Elvis, .Elvis lives in Anna's version... hence the chorus....

"Everybody Knows, Anna could've saved the King of Rock n' Roll..."

The ToneKats return in Sept - see SHOWS

Photo by JP Rayne - Lions Gardens - Music in the Gardens - July 6, 2016

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