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So long Mikey Soo, Friend, Soundman, ToneKat

This morning Mike Soo, longtime ToneKats soundman passed away suddenly. Mike was always there for John, Adam and me. Most recently, Mike and Mark Henry, his associate did sound for the ToneKats at Sunnyside Campground, our last outdoor and real gig (July 4, 2020) in Westport, Ontario. Mike always made you laugh. He turned disasters into jokes and always got whatever the problem was solved without breaking a sweat or being the least bit upset. Mike made every event, a joy to be at with his laid back sense of humour and his no nonsense skill. When Mikey had you dialed in, we were a rocking. I'll never forget Mike after every gig (and he worked with the ToneKats and my previous bands for some 30 years). He'd always say , after a successful gig 'WE FOOLED 'EM AGAIN DAVEY". Mike was humble and he never lost his wonder at the enjoyment of rock n roll played hard and done well. Rest in Peace old friend, until we meet again! It was an honour and a pleasure being your friend for so many years, the last couple of decades with the ToneKats, The Rockabilly All Stars, The Bon Evans Band and Buddy Holly Live!


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