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Live band music will be sparse in 2020 - The new abnormal


his months blog goes deeper than usual into our thoughts and perceptions about the future of music as we knew it. It's gonna change, music will still move people and it will still be played but we are in uncharted waters and have more questions than answers.

Here's our last video of a gig we performed July 4th, 2020 - That is the most recent ToneKats footage and we only got the first set.

ToneKats have been advised that all gigs except for 2 after the last show we played february 1, 2020 at the Merchant. were cancelled or pushed ahead to 2021.

This video is the most live Tonekats music we're going to get for quite some time and it happened July 4 2020 in Westport, Ontario - We think you might enjoy running it end to end and sitting back ands close your eyes and having a listen by yourself or with friends. This gets real - playing live again meant something deeper and more appreciated than ever before! We think you can hear it! - Gratitude!

We wonder about the viability of bands at indoor bars with no dancing and a maximum capacity of 25-40% of their previous patrons. Either prices will have to go up or profit margin will have to be adjusted. The new viability of bands is questionable until they find drugs, cures, vaccines and ways to keep the virus as uncommon as so many other nasty bugs like measles, mumps, polio, pox, that we live with every day but are rare.

Singles (solo artists) or duets may become more popular for establishments were dancing is now prohibited (phase 3 restrictions).

And what they will be able to pay the artists may cause a resurgence of original music cafes and smaller bands that play easy listening, non-dance music for the tip jar - This might become more usual - music is for listeners again! - listening music as opposed to dance music. Top 40 cover bands like the ToneKats may have to use their extensive repertoire and adapt and play crowds at festivals, corporate events and private functions, city and government sponsored performances and perhaps facebook live performance, though we are all about audience and us making the show so no audience would be too weird to work for the streamed shows - we have always been about the live packed and sweaty house throbbing rock n roll, moving to every "page turning" chord change the band executes in perfect unison, especially the kick drum and the bass groove becoming ONE.

ToneKats brand of sweaty rock that makes you roll your eyes and scream out "So Good!. so good!". When we hear fans enjoying the music, swaying to it and truly listening, we are grateful, because it is for you that we pay incredible attention to making sure we know the songs well, we can deliver them credibly

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