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The Dog Days for Kats

If you like 90 degree days (32C) you are in luck - I guess we are lucky, but the Kats have a gig that did not get cancelled. It's outdoors, it's private, it's socially distanced. We have a pavillion to ourselves. It may seem like no one is there but all of the folks are in their trailers or on picnic tables properly distanced and when they called to confirm they were very excited, as we are, and feel this is a privilege. They are even doing fireworks at the break!

But the bottom line is WE ARE GOING TO PLAY as a band for the first time since February 1st!

We wish it were open to the public but that's not possible yet. BUT we will take video and we'll find out how rusty we've become!

Dave has played a bunch of facebook live gigs, one with his partner JP Rayne, the other dozen with the Bon Evans Band as recently as Canada Day (with full sound - Thanks Trevor and Anita - (*Big Thump Sound - Roswell Rehearsals)

In case you need a full gig and can't be there, we are going to leave you with our last FULL GIG from FEBRUARY 1, 2020 at the Merchant Tap House (all 3 sets (breaks edited out----2 hours and 51 minutes!!!!). here to watch as well as a teaser tune to get you n the mood. Put it on your smart TV and let 'er rip! More to come! WE are going to learn to live with the new normal, not fight it!

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