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Social Distancing & Rockin' out

Hey everyone. we hope you and your fellow rockin' friends and loved ones are safe and well. The ToneKats are like all of you. We yearn for the days before the pandemic.

But we will wait patiently and write some new music and play live when its safe for us to do what we love most. It may require patience but your safety is worth it.

When we post, please view it, crank it and enjoy the music. It really is as close as you can get to being there! Sharing, posting comments and likes keep us knowing you want us to continue to rock or if we should be reinventing ourselves as online performances, videos and new studio recordings.

Make good use of your time - we already are - and please stay in touch with us on facebook, by reading this blog, checking out our you tube, soundcloud and reverb nation links on the home page of this website.. Here's a little nostalgia to remind us that we are all Tone Kats.... played with intensity and attention to detail - We keep it fresh and listen to our audience suggestions, so if you have any songs you'd like us to see if we have in the vault, post it on the group page. We really want the whole experience to be uplifting, rocking and mind-blowing at the same time.

.The ToneKats will keep posting videos - videos we curate,carefully to give you variety and live stage action. We do take requests for videos as we have an extensive collection of hundreds of videoed shows over the years with hundreds of songs you might be surprised exist in a live crowd setting where the riffs are always more inspired. Stuff you can't capture on the studio.. That's what the ToneKats have always brought to every gig. Play pure intense rockin tunes ya know and love!

What a game changer! We have been fortunate enough in Kingston, to have had one of the most active music scenes in all of Canada and the US. The city and surrounding area's culture is a breeding ground for excellence. We know all the bigger names but the latest local stars are now taking on the challenge of live facebook shows (like Bon Evans every night at 8 pm. Sarah Harmer, Gord Sinclair, The Wilderness, Miss Emily, Logan Brown, Chris Jackson, Ted Evans, Reckless 4, Voyager, Tegan McLaren , Alexa Goldie, Jay Smith (Who has created a great You Tube Page- Jay Smith Music) to name some of the ones we've seen.

Dave, John and Adam are ready to return to the stages when we can and its safe for everyone!

In the meanwhile we'll post on the ToneKats Facebook group Page and Instagram.

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