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Hunkering down!

It ain't no easy road that takes me back to you!

By now you know the government has shut down all bars likely to April 1st or longer causing the ToneKats to cancel March 20th at RaXX and March 27th at the Merchant. We love live music and we worry about these establishments and the wonderful people who own them at the great people who work there who we've come to know as friends and respected colleagues in the music business. The ToneKats will take this time to hunker down and write some new material. We have two CDs (Damaged, not Broken 2010 - Indie Pool/itunes/spotify) and ToneKats II (2015) (a soft release on soundcloud of 20 tunes). It may well be time for a third CD, so we will be writing some new material and we'll see where that takes us. Here's an original from 2017 called Easy Road (featuring Vidal Ortiz on drums) Lyrics by John Sedgwick. Music by John Sedgwick and Dave Bull.

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