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Year end Parties are here!

The ToneKats are refreshed and have a pile of new tunes to add to their overflowing set lists of everything from Rock to country. Everything The ToneKats play is something you will know and want to sing and dance along to. John, Dave and Adam (The ToneKats) have gigs coming up Friday Dec 27th, Jan 24 and Feb 1, 2020 at the Merchant) Check SHOWS to stay up to date.

Exciting news! The ToneKats group has nearly doubled in the last 45 days (200 to 388). We are moving from the ToneKats facebook band page (800 followers) to the group format to give you the opportunity to share with others your stories, videos, pics. We look forward to it. Recently Bob Gregory (AEROFORCE - Aerosmith cover band) sang on "Sweet Emotion"

Over the years many special guests and former band members have graced stages with the Kats to create an exciting sound! from Bill Welychka. "Cousin" Paul Koktan, Jay Smith (Smitty), Bon Evans, Cory Ede, Paul Stacey, Laura Richards, John Gamache. Sandy Mackenzie, Kherson Amell, Vidal Ortiz, Clint Hierlihy and Scott Evans, Tommy Vancoughnett, and many more

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