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ROCKtober was a blast - Stay Tuned!

Thanks for everyone who joined the ToneKats facebook group - we are now at 331 (up 40 in the past two weeks). We are providing exclusive content for fans and this helps us to be able to hear your suggestions and let you know where the band is playing and what new songs they are working on. Here is the UNited Way event set at the Blu Martini. 75 minutes of rockin' out . Many thanks to Slash for emceeing. Too bad Bill Welychka couldn't make it but thanks for sending Slash! See the Kats Oct 12th at the Merchant and Oct 25th at RaXX and Oct 26th back at the Merchant before taking November off and back at it in December. Be sure and check out the fan page on facebook for cool pictures and some footage of the ToneKats and 80s Enuff rasining money for the United Way!

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