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BIG ToneKats NEWS!

Adam Chartrand has just joined the ToneKats as rhythm guitar and vocals. But if that's not enough, he also plays drums. More news....Graham Ketcheson is spending the summer out of town, so Adam will fill in on drums from May - September 10, at which time the band will return to a 4 piece (or that's the plan anyway).

Adam plays in Band Voyager, formerly Apollo and The Bon Evans Band. He has been heavily entrenched in the Kingston music scene since coming here from Winnipeg several years ago. Adam came as a drummer, ended up playing bass but also plays a mean guitar. That's how we came across him. He and Dave also play in the Bon Evans band and it became apparent that the ToneKats needed a multi-instrumentalist over the summer and Adam has great credentials as a very talented natural musician.

In his first performance Adam[played at RaXX Bra and Grill and impressed the hell out of the audience and Dave, John and Graham. After the gig Adam was hired on the spot. as the newest member of the ToneKats. We're delighted!

The ToneKats L2R Adam, Graham, Dave & John

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