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January is Uptown for the Kats!

Come See the ToneKats at RaXX on Friday, January 25th at 10 pm. - 1:20 am

January 12th at Little Texas was a blast! The ToneKats played three sets of solid rock n roll and even some country to an appreciative and enthusiastic audience. The requests came in all night from the floor and the Kats played 11 songs for audience members who got their favourite songs played live!.

BONUS for ToneKat Blog followers exclusively: The raw footage from Little Texas.- Set 1:

Very special thanks to Kim, Anne, Dwayne, Cheryl, Cole x 2, Jody, James, Shannon, Kim, Derrick & Nora and more for making it feel like old home week for us at our first appearance at Little Texas. The band loved the sound stage and the great audio was a treat for everyone there.

Bassist and singer, John Sedgwick was still just getting over the last stages of the flu he got before New Year but was spot on. Graham Ketcheson was having a great night bolting down the hatches and driving the beat the crowd danced to all evening. We may take February off to relax and get back at it at the Merchant Friday, March 1st! See you then!

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