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June is full of surprise guests!

Life gets busy and people make commitment with their limited time only to find they need to do something else. And not every band member can make every gig, so from time to time you might see a special guest. It keeps the ToneKats rolling along.for the past 15 years

Video of the ToneKats at the Merchant with Sandy MacKenzie on drums

June 16 - the Merchant at 10 pm Saturday with special guest Sandy Mackenzie on drums

June 23 - Corvette Invasion at the Ambassador Hotel, 9pm-11:30

June 29 - Ribfest in Gananoque 7:30-8:30 pm

July 1 - Canada Day in Bath- ToneKats perform with special guests (with guest drummer Scott Evans) (Thom Davis - solo, Alexa Goldie and Bon Evans will perform with The ToneKats from 8-10 pm before the fireworks) - see poster in the May 2018 ToneKats blog

July 14 - the Merchant at 10 pm Saturday

Bands sometimes need to change because it's all there but perhaps it needs more. At the urging of a friend who runs a successful establishment that hires bands in Kingston, John and Dave decided to lock in the new config. You see potential in a new way of doing something you've become pretty good as a trio.

So you think of how much fun it would be and how much more musical it could be with the right fourth band member. Since Paul Koktan, our keyboardist retired in 2015, we have played essentially as a trio with some talented young drummers like Vidal Ortiz, Dan Killen and Elijah Bruce. Skilled, but not able to be in the same place as the other members.

This brings us to where we are now. The ToneKats have recently added two new members and are now a four piece band with John Sedgwick - Vocals, Bass * Dave Bull - Vocals, Guitar, harmonica * John Gamache - Guitar, backing vocals * Graham Ketcheson - Drums

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