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Looking for the guy who keeps the beat!

After an amazing 2 year residency with the ToneKats, drummer extraordinaire Vidal Ortiz-Rangel must return to his home country of Mexico and Dan Killen from Ambush has helped us out for a few months. The ToneKats are still looking for the right fit for their drummer and would like to welcome new drummer Elijah Bruce to the band. Elijah is from Stirling, Ontario and has a background in metal with "Fathom" Elijah will be filling in on drums on January 26th at Raxx followed by February 3rd and 17th at the Merchant. Dave and John have been impressed by his ability to learn after discovering he knew less than 20% of our song list. Yeah!!! This means he won't be sick of any tunes and should pump up da volume with enthusiasm, so ladies and gents get ready to rock!

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