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ToneKats Summer Dates

The ToneKats will be at RaxX (765 Development Dr, Kingston, ON) on May 27th, then on July 8th at the Toucan, July 29th at RaxX then Sept 9 at Ribfest at Memorial; Park in Kingston. ToneKats are playing less public shows so you can count on some special moments as Dave and John, who have been at this together for over 15 years, now have a superbly talented percussion man, drummer Simon Handley. Simon is well known in the Kingston music scene most notably with Funky Frenz, Mauricio Montecinos Latin Beat band and he has been with the ToneKats since October of 2022 taking over for former ToneKats drummer the uber talented Adam Chartrand, who now plays in "Nice on" as a bassist - a top notch original funk jazz band making quite an impression on the local music scene as are just some of the bands we've heard, seen or watched video of lately in our travels (and these are only some of the bands in Kingston who deserve mention by being aweso


Songwriters and players Tiny Horse (Pink Lemonade- Wow!), Emily Fennell (consistent), Lauren Carson, Emilie Steele, Piner, 47 Teeth, Oakridge Ave, Tom Savage, Jay Smith (Congratulations on the Buckle!!!), Lucious (fun band to go see!), Dan Curtis (perennial pro), Bon Evans & Band, Jeff Dunn and HHBB, $5 Dates, FFTF, Trevor Walsh (what a range!), The Stares (tight!), Jenn Calder (go see her!), Lukey Pell (a real entertainer), Ricky Brant (Funky fused with wil 70s and funk guitars), Scotty and the Naughtys (great songs),

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