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ToneKats are Downtown Feb.18/Mar.4!

Saturdays!!! Feb 18th - The Toucan, March 4th - Tir Nan Og (See SHOWS)

The Kats have been back playing some bar gigs again! Downtown rockers, this trio consists of Dave Bull, John Sedgwick on Bass, and Simon David Handley on Drums. The band plays songs you want to hear with a focus on newer post-classic 90s and newer rock, taking requests and playing something for everyone. The ToneKats cover a lot of ground and are always adding new tunes. They've been local favorites since 2005 at the Merchant, RaXX, festivals, The Island Star, campgrounds, and special events. The ToneKats create a danceable rock vibe you will want to be a part of! This band asks the audience what they want to hear and gives it to them. The Kats play classic covers from Brown eyed girl, I will survive, Country Roads, Sweet Caroline, Teenage Dirtbag, What I got by Sublime, Weezer, GNR, REM, Bowie, Tom Petty, The Hip, Billy Idol, and lots of dynamics and variety!

, like so many regulars keep coming back!

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