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Christmas Bash at the Toucan on the 23rd - Cancelled (snow)!

We'd love to celebrate the ToneKats Christmas Bash with as many of our fans, friends and family as are able to come! Simon Handley will now be playing drums and has joined the ToneKats as of late November. Adam Chartrand who has been with the band since 2019 has decided to leave and focus on his other musical endeavours. He is so talented, he will no doubt be a name you hear for the next few decades in the music scene. As a multi-instrumentalist Adam plays bass in the soulful and funky niceon band - check them out they are impressive!. Simon played with John and Dave in October and it was a natural choice to have him take on the drumming duties as he is seasoned natural as was evident the first time we played together. We're learning new songs all the time like "Come and get your Love" (Redbone) , No Matter what you do (Badfinger), Nautical Disaster, and more.

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