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Have you seen our You Tube channel? Lots of killer rock and country for you to crank up and "Full sets" has unlisted full concerts you can play on your wide screen TV and turn up. Your woofers will love you - Set the party mood at any barbecue with The ToneKats Live!

Right here (Full shows)

and here (2019 ToneKats - select playlist)

Dave, John and Adam are taking time to enjoy the lazy days of summer cottaging, playing other shows with the Bon Evans Band, Voyager and some one-off cottage gigs. We're thinking hard about the songs we want to play in September and would love your ideas. We were thinking it might be the right year to infuse some original Tonekat songs into our sets of cool tunes you don't hear enough. BUt you know most of all what we will do is play songs you can get in on. No over the top guitar solos, no 10 minute songs, no mumbled words...real songs spread out from 1969-now evenly with plenty of new music, some killer new country and rock that will shake your bones! Check us out on You Tube

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