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Staying Connected - Please use #tonekats

Using hashtags helps us to stay connected. We now have over 700 facebook likes and 250- members of the ToneKats Group in facebook. Thank you for your pictures and videos but we miss a lot because the hashtag helps them all be in a thread. So, please when you mention the band in a post or a video or something pop in a hashtag #tonekats . We appreciate it! Sometimes we get amazing perspectives from fan video and photos and we use them and always give credit!

The ToneKats urge you to get to the Merchant early if you want a comfortable spot - Food and drinks are excellent!. Last week Paul Steacy (Kim Pollard band ) joined us on sax - see the video below (side angle) and Brielle LeBlanc (Lucious Band) joined the Kats on stage. We support Music Fly and our dates can be found there as well as facebook and twitter. We have Instagram (#thetonekats and #the_tonekat and best of all You Tube. So click social media icons on the upper right part of the home page and you'll see other places where you can get ToneKats information, video, music, song lists, shows, pictures, , like original songs (videos on facebook, You Tube, Reverb Nation or Soundcloud)..

Friends coming and bringing new friends has to be one of our greatest pleasures. To know our friends are willing to come because they have fun is the best vibe we get and adds to the friendliness and fun in the bar.

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