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Seven Nation Army Live!

Nothing says Christmas is coming more than getting out to see your favourite bands before the dead of winter. The ToneKats will be at the Merchant 4 NYE - Monday, December 31st - be sure to book early for New Year's Eve ($20 for 2 great bands, appetizers) 613 -547-1313 The Kings of the Cold will rock your world playing their original brand of music from 9:30-11:00 and afterwards the ToneKats will bring the house down to the delight Kingston music fans! Dave Bull - Guitars, vocals + John Sedgwick - Bass, vocals + Graham Ketcheson - Drums - New Classic rock/funk even a dash of country - tunes you know and can dance to. The ToneKats play a lot of Requests. Dave Bull and John Sedgwick are now into their twelfth year as the ToneKats. They put out a CD "Damaged, not broken" in 2010 and have released only singles since then, focusing instead on live entertainment.

The ToneKats cover a lot of ground and they do it convincingly!

The ToneKats are not uncommonly found powering through Metallica's Enter Sandman" as well as the Back Street Boys " I want it that way" or Blue Rodeo's "It hasn't hit me yet".. They play lots of CCR, The Hip, Foo FIghters, Tom Petty, Rolling Stones, OutKast, White Stripes, Weezer, country, you name it!

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