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September already!

The ToneKats had a great time at the 10th Annual Island Star Cruise with Jack Thompson, celebrated Kingston DJ extraordinaire! Thanks to everyone who came for dinner and dancing to some rockin' requests. Special thanks to Hugh, Lee, Tristan and all the wonderful boat staff from Kingston Thousand |Island Cruises for your hospitality and support!

Special shout out to Reid and Ben from 98.9 The Drive FM and Bobcaygeon beer company for supporting our marathon gig at Ribfest Kingston. Your delicious IPA sure helped keep us from getting thirsty. We played for 5 hours and played all kinds of new songs not on our set list like April Wine's "Tonight is a wonderful time (to fall in love)". Many thanks to Will Van Rhyn (superb soundman), Marc Garniss from KPP who relentlessly supports Kingston music, Moira, Molly Keown (photos), Ruth, Sue and Graham's wonderful friend who joined us on stage for several songs singing and playing tambourine.

We'll see you In September at the Merchant! Video by JP Rayne Mary Jane's Last Dance - Tom Petty (ToneKats at Ribfest Kingston 2018)

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