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Queen's Homecoming ToneKats-Twofer Merchant-Friday / BluMartini-Saturday!

"We're really excited and honoured to be playing Queen's Homecoming downtown at the Merchant on Friday and Blu Martini on Saturday Night in beautiful downtown Kingston!" says Dave Bull, guitarist. " We look forward to a full house and an exciting time on this exceptional weekend." "We have a responsibility to give our audience a show they'll remember ! Full on - Dave and John have over ten years of working, singing and playing together and it sounds like it. John and Dave both have long histories in the Canadian music scene. They bring their experience with Dan Killen, (Ambush). a former (2012-2013) and once again ToneKat member whose solid and nimble drum style is the key to the ToneKats danceability and energy. They put on a pretty intense show. Kingston has a lot to offer for music and nightlife. and no city in Canada has as much talent per capita and such a vibrant long term music scene. The ToneKats, have been staples at Kingston's most frequented rock bars The Merchant, Raxx and BluMartini since 2007 changing their repertoire frequently and always expanding their ability to do requests!

Dave and John sing about half the songs on lead and back each other up for the others, creating a widely diverse, but very solid sound. The ToneKats are known to take requests and play almost anything! They have a wide repertoire, Dave, John and Dan will be getting right down to business and will be playing all your favourites by artists such as CCR, 54-40, REM, Kid Rock, The Black Keys, Foo Fighters, The Back Street Boys, Blue Rodeo, Matchbox 20, The Tragically Hip (Poets, Blow at High Dough, Gift Shop, Grace, too, New Orleans is sinking), Jack White, GunsNRoses, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Billy Idol. Blake Shelton, Metallica, Sublime, Aerosmith, Kiss, As well as songs from the late greats Tom Petty and David Bowie.

There are so many excellent bands in town like the Tragically Hip, The Glorious Sons, The Headstones, Sara Harmer, Emily Fennel, The Stares, The Rain Kings, Tony Silvestri, Sweet Talk Jackie, Chris Koster, Greg Ball, Kris and Dee,The Change, Ambush and many more.

Over the past ten years The ToneKats have worked really hard to earn their reputation as one of Kingston's must see bands. Their following has increased and they encourage audiences to have input on song choices. They start with well selected tunes that sound dynamically bang on! And to deliver it in TONEKATS STYLE! True to the originals including the attitude and the rockin' energy that audiences feed off, dance to and rock out to. from every era,

"Their pedigree is impeccable" says Kathleen Hay (Cornwall Freeholder about the ToneKats.

Next two gigs: Friday, Nov 17 - Raxx, Saturday, Nov 18 - The Merchant

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