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Summer is awesome

ToneKats are loving their summer vacation to recharge. Time for visiting with family, and for activities like walking, swimming, canoeing, painting, good food and playing music for the sheer fun of it! But alas, the summer is the final innings, so the band is popping out for the seventh inning stretch and playing some rock classics at The City's Music in the Gardens Series at Lions Gardens by the Isabel Turner Library beside Cataraqui Town Centre. It's outdoors, it's free to the public on Wednesday, August 23rd at 7 pm. - At that gig we are planning to play older classic rock like the Beatles, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Van Morrison and CCR. Here's a taste...

We'll be back in the bars in September and we'll be sure to let you know when we are rocking out nearby. So stay in touch. Meanwhile check out our You Tube Channel, there are many cool videos, even originals. Please spread the word and comment. We listen and we appreciate what people have to say good or bad. And as far as the Kingston music scene is concerned. John played with the Rain Kings, helping them out on bass at the Merchant. Kudos to them, great band.

Other great Kingston bands we dig.... The Stares, Tony Silvestri, Forty-Seven Teeth, Smitty, The Furleys, Logan and Tay, Paul Langlois and Greg Ball, Reuben DeGroot and Rocket Surgery, Miss Emily, Sweet Talk Jackie, Trevor Walsh, Michael George, Spencer Evans, Roger James, Mike Myers and the Big Phat Horn Band, Ambush and obviously Sarah Harmer and the Tragically Hip, And the list grows - Support the local music scene - Go see live music! You will be pleasantly surprised how much better it is than screen time!

Check out the Bon Evans Band at Ribfest (Kingston Memorial Centre)

Sunday, Sept 10th at noon- 2pm


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